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The Warren County Engineer’s office has a staff of licensed professional engineers which allows for a variety of engineering services that ensure the safe operation and structural integrity of the county's bridges and roadways. Their duties include managing the production of construction plans and cost estimates; inspecting and inventorying bridges, culverts, and roadways; creating plans for county maintenance operations; implementing quality control standards to meet state and federal regulations; and are available for technical assistance, production of construction plans and cost estimates for Warren County’s townships.

  • P.E. = Professional Engineer
  • P.S. = Professional Surveyor
  • E.I. = Engineer Intern
  • S.I. = Surveyor Intern
Neil Tunison Neil F. Tunison, P.E., P.S.
Warren County Engineer
Kurt Weber Kurt Weber, P.E., P.S.
Chief Deputy Engineer
Roy Henson Roy Henson, P.E., P.S.
Bridge Engineer
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David Mick David S. Mick, P.E.
Assistant County Engineer
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Dominic Brigano Dominic Brigano, P.E., S.I.
Assistant Bridge Engineer
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Logan Smith Logan Smith, E.I.
Project Engineer
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Ron Hessler Ron Hessler, P.E., S.I.
Project Engineer
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