List of County Roads

The Warren County Engineer has jurisdiction over all of the county roads.

For information about roads that are under state, township, village or city jurisdiction you will have to contact them directly.

Link to County Road Map

Bellbrook Rd.
Bethany Rd.
Brant Rd.
Brewer Rd.
Butler-Warren Rd. - from Fields-Ertel Rd. north to Butler Co. and from Mason Rd. to Monroe's southern Corp.
Butterworth Rd.
Clarksville Rd.
Coles Rd.
Columbia Rd.
Compton Rd.
Corwin Rd. - from Wilmington Rd. to Middletown Rd.
Cozaddale Rd.
Cozaddale-Murdoch Rd.
Dallasburg Rd.
Dearth Rd.
Dixie Highway (Old 25) - from Mile 0.470 to Mile 0.585 and from Coles Rd. to Franklin Corp. at Mile 2.873
Duke Blvd.
Duke Dr.
Edwardsville Rd.
Elm Tree Rd.
Escort Dr.
Ferry Rd.
Fields-Ertel Rd.
Fosters-Maineville Rd.
Grandin Rd.
Greentree Rd.
Gustin-Rider Rd. - from S.R.28 to S.R.123
Hamilton Rd.
Hamilton-Middletown Rd.
Hart Rd.
Harvey Rd.
Harveysburg Rd.
Hendrickson Rd.
Jeffrey Rd.
Kenrick Rd.
King Ave.
Kings Island Dr.
Kings Mills Rd.
Kingsview Dr.
Landen Dr.
Long-Spurling Rd. - from Roachester-Cozaddale Rd. to S.R. 132
Lower Springboro Rd.
Ludlum Rd.
Lytle Rd.
Lytle-Ferry Rd.
Lytle-Five Points Rd.
Manchester Rd
Markey Rd.
Mason-Montgomery Rd.
Mason-Morrow-Millgrove Rd.
McLean Rd.
Middleboro Rd.
Middletown Rd. - from Waynesville Rd to Corwin Rd.
Morrow-Blackhawk Rd.
Morrow-Cozaddale Rd.
Morrow-Rossburg Rd. - from SR 28 to Morrow's southern Corp.
Morrow-Woodville Rd. - from Clermont Co. Line to Butlerville Corp. and from S.R. 132 to Morrow Corp.
Murdock-Goshen Rd.
Murray Rd.
Natorp Blvd.
New Burlington Rd. - from Corwin Corp. to Compton Rd.
Old 3'C Highway
Old SR 122
Old Stage Rd. - from Waynesville North Corp. line Bellbrook Rd.
Olive Branch Rd.
Oregonia Rd.
Pekin Rd. - from S.R.123 east to Franklin Twp. Line at right hand turn
Pleasant Plain Rd.
Race St.
Red Lion-Five Points Rd. - from Springboro Rd. to Lower Springboro Rd.
Roachester-Cozaddale Rd. - from Cozaddale-Murdock Rd. to Morrow Rossburg Rd.
Roachester-Osceola Rd.
Robinson-Vail Rd.
Ross Rd.
Roxanna-New Burlington Rd. - from Greene Co. Line to Greene Co. Line.
Shaker Rd.
Shoemaker Rd.
Snider Rd.
Socialville-Foster Rd.
Springboro Rd.
Stubbs Mill Rd.
Township Line Rd.
Tylersville Rd.
Union Road - from 1.09 miiles north of S.R. 63 to Twp Line at (4.30) and from mile (5.93) to Shaker Rd.
Waynesville Rd. - from Middletown Rd. #30 (at bridge over L.M.R.), to U.S. 42.
Whitacre Rd.
Whitegate Dr.
Wilkens Blvd.
Wilmington Rd.
Wilson Rd.
Young Rd.
Zoar Rd.