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Frequently Asked Questions

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Call the Tax Map Department at (513) 695-1190.

Does the office provide a surveyor to identify property lines or corners?
Can I get a copy of information for my property such as aerial photo, survey, plat, etc.?
How do I get a copy of my deed?
Do you pre-approve legal descriptions?
How current are your records?
Can you help me resolve a property line dispute with my neighbor?
Can you prepare a legal description for me?
Can you remove a name from my property records?
I think your records are wrong, how do I get you to change them?
How accurate are propery lines on the maps?
How can I find the farm my family owned in the 1800's?
How do I find all of the property owners' names and addresses within a specified radius of my home or business?
Can you mail me copies of my records?
Do you have road maps for distribution?
What easements are on my property?
Who provides utilities for my home or business?
Can you give me a plot plan of my property?
Can surveyors make their submissions for review by email?
Can you fax my documents to me or receive a fax from me?
Can you plot my survey or plat for me on Mylar?
Can you receive my documents for recording?
What documents are available in the Tax Map Department?
How long does it take to get my survey, plat, condominium, or annexation drawings reviewed?
How long does it take to process my property split?
How long does it take to approve my legal description for recording?
I work for a company that has a volume of documents for review in Tax Map Department before recording. What do I do?
What are your business hours?
Can you provide property information for me on the phone?
What types of documents must I bring to your office?