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Stormwater Awareness Week

Stormwater Awareness Week
Let’s celebrate stormwater awareness week by learning a few tips on how you can keep our stormwater clean!

Stormwater Awareness Monday
Pet waste is a contributor to e. coli in our rivers, lakes and streams. Clean up after your pet to help keep our water clean. Visit Warren County SWCD for more information on stormwater! (http://warrenswcd.com)

Stormwater Awareness Tuesday
Learn more about your local recycling pickup by visiting Warren County Solid Waste https://www.co.warren.oh.us/solidwaste/Outlets/What.aspx

Stormwater Awareness Wednesday
Learn more about native plants visit the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District at http://warrenswcd.com.

Stormwater Awareness Thursday
Harvesting rainwater can help conserve this precious natural resource! Check out the Warren County SWCD’s page about rain barrels at https://www.warrenswcd.com/rain-barrels.html

Stormwater Awareness Friday
Raingardens help clean our stormwater! Check out the Warren County SWCD’s page about rain gardens at https://www.warrenswcd.com/rain-gardens.html